Why Raven?
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Why Raven?

As a safety net provider, you’re on the frontlines of health care. Raven is set up to help you deal with these seemingly intractable problems:

  • The soaring demand for health care services.
  • A flood of patients who need complex care, including those who are plagued by co-morbidities like diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disorders.
  • The burgeoning need for care coordination.
  • Trouble meeting the goal of driving down the total cost of care to sustain our health care system.
  • A lack of hard data and systems to measure and improve care.
  • Testing environments that are too limited, complex, and costly to try out new apps and software.
  • Limited time and resources for setting up test platforms.
  • No standardized pre-trial vetting of innovative technology.
  • Woefully scant metrics to assess technology innovations.
  • Missing data on technology innovations’ impact on workflow.

What Raven Offers

Raven provides a free demonstration and test environment for health care technology innovations. You’ll have access to:

  • A test platform at no charge to safety net provider organizations.
  • A resource library containing interface codes for legacy platforms.
  • Access to a cloud-enabled integration and interface engines.
  • Code that is installed, tested, evaluated, and demonstrable in a demonstration “sandbox” for your electronic health record (EHR).
  • De-identified patient data for your legacy electronic health record.
  • A solution that doesn’t burden local IT staff and infrastructure.
  • A reduction in the need for custom development.
  • Support for rapid implementation of solutions by showing their impact on workflow.
  • A way to quickly review technology to see if it meets your needs and solves your problem.

Why You Can Trust Raven

Raven is part of the Center for Care Innovations (CCI), a health care nonprofit that for more than a decade has connected safety net providers with solutions, resources, and experts to accelerate innovations for healthy people and healthy communities. CCI and Raven have no conflicts of interest in this work. We do not invest in any solutions providers, nor do we profit from sales of any healthcare app or solution. In addition, all patient data is protected and de-identified on the platform. Find out more about CCI’s work on technology solutions.

By using Raven, you will have:

  • A list of vetted vendors that you can trust.
  • Access to case studies on vendors from CCI and other unbiased researchers.
  • A network of safety net innovators.
  • A way to contact vendors safely.
  • A means to achieve interoperability.

How Raven Works

Raven is available for safety net providers using these electronic health records:

  • EClinicalWorks
  • NextGen
  • Epic
  • GE Centricity
  • Cerner

Why this is free for you: We want all safety net providers to be able to access these innovative tools.

Why this is password-protected. Passwords are necessary to ensure that you work at a safety net provider organization.

What the Raven Directory offers. The directory will offer profiles on more than 100 solutions providers and access to their sandboxes, where you can test the tools with de-identified patient data. The profiles will include the manufacturer’s description of the tool and other information we’ve curated, including videos, independent case studies, and lists of other safety net providers who’ve tried it.

Why we offer a secure email for vendor contact. If you decide to contact one or more solutions vendors, we provide a messaging system that’s safe and secure. 

How to Join Raven — and Solve Your Biggest Challenge

  1. Identify your biggest challenge. You probably already know it, but if not, just think of the source of your organization’s biggest headache. Maybe you have too many patient no-shows or elders who lack safe transportation to your clinic. Maybe care coordination is your biggest worry. Whatever it is, the better you can identify your most serious problem, the more efficiently you can use Raven to solve it.
  2. Sign up for Raven. Anyone working for safety net provider organization can sign up, and it’s simple: Just fill out our  form and tell us which electronic health record you are using. You’re done! We’ll ask you to create a user ID and password, and you’ll be ready to go. Remember: For safety net providers, joining Raven and using our test platform is free of charge.
  3. Find the solution. Visit our Raven Directory, a list of solutions partners that we’ve vetted and curated. Look for the “tile” that most closely relate to the problem you’re trying to solve. Browse through the vendors or filter them by clicking on our Electronic Health Record tab or Priority Area tab, which list the 10 of the most common health care problems among safety net providers. For example, you could select your health record and then filter by “patient engagement,” “care coordination,” “transportation,” and more. Now take a moment to browse through the tile’s snapshot of the app. You’ll find information (1) from the solutions partner and (2) from CCI, including case studies and who in the safety net has experience with the vendor; it’s a direct reflection of what we’ve learned from safety net provider organizations about the tool.
  4. I’ve found a solution! How do I get into the “sandbox” to test it out? On each Solution, there’s a form to apply to log into one of Raven’s sandboxes. Then have your CIO or senior technical advisor contact Raven to proceed to the EHR sandbox, a novel platform where he or she can run the application and see how it integrates with your system. We’ll send along the credential package and a short start-up guide. To figure out the tech requirements and specs to connect an application that is not represented on Raven, you can use either the Redox interoperability tool or MOCIa set of interoperability tools developed by CCI. They’re designed to connect the app with your EHR. If there are any bumps, we can help you figure out the tech requirements.
  5. Connect with your vendor. We’ll help you contact the vendor safely via email. There are two ways to do this: (1) Email the vendor through our secure messaging system. (2) If the app you want to test isn’t on Raven, visit our partner Lucro. Just go to the solutions provider section and click on Lucro, which will allow you to research other potential solutions.

Disclaimer: CCI and Raven are glad to help you connect with trusted vendors, but we want providers to understand there are no conflicts of interest. Solutions providers in the Raven Directory pay a monthly fee to help maintain the EHR sandboxes. However, CCI and Raven do not invest in any solutions or receive profits or a share of revenue from the sale of any vendor application.

Become A Raven