Lucro is a crowd-sourced innovation database. Designed for collaboration, it helps you evaluate and partner with vendors with confidence.


Lucro began with a mission to enable health systems to learn from one another. We wanted to create a technology that aligned vendors and their research with health systems across their communities — even across the globe. Lucro supports innovation teams such as the Innovation Learning Network, HIVE, the Global Network of Health Innovation Centers, and MaRS in Canada. The project tool lets you collaborate as a network to evaluate vendors, getting you to a vendor partnership faster and with confidence.

Lucro fits seamlessly into the bigger picture of technology at CCI. Through Lucro you’re planning  projects as a group: sourcing vendors, asking good questions and scoring responses so you can decide which solution will be best for your pilot. Leverage Raven to determine your EHR interoperability standards — and ask vendors how they integrate ahead of time. The easy and added diligence of a vendor evaluation through Lucro will improve your odds of finding a vendor partner that will have a successful pilot in the safety net arena. You can confidently start a pilot with a vendor who has been vetted by the group, eliminating the surprise factor.

Lucro is designed for complex vendor evaluations with multiple stakeholders. We put compiling all of the information, finding vendors, evaluating, and producing results all in one place. You have a tool for housing this information and selecting a vendor partner with confidence.

Key Features

  • Keep your team in-sync, easily complete your diligence and determine the best vendor for you without wasting time.
  • Manage your internal stakeholders and vendors in one place and document your diligence in one click.

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